Thursday, December 17, 2009

IBM Lotus back with with a vengeance...

In case you haven’t noticed, IBM Lotus not only didn’t go away, it’s here with a vengeance. claims 18 million users, the 8.5 release of Notes/Domino is a winner in storage savings, Lotus Connections beats other social software platforms on many dimensions, and Sametime’s pushing the envelope on real-time collaboration at a global scale.


  1. Keep in mind the number of 18 million falls under LotusLive iNotes which comes directly from the purchase of OutBlaze which already had the userbase in existence.

    yes they are still back with a vengence, but let's not jump at that number yet

  2. I guess that the Lotus brand isn't just Notes and Domino, but rather a multitude of compelling software solutions. It's good to see the positive press, in which they are highlighting the other products like Sametime and Connections.