Monday, August 23, 2010

A couple of Agile links

Here are another couple of good Agile resources. First of all, a great find from Bruce, comes a slick 10 minute intro to Scrum.

Next, there is a report on the Consideration for using Agile in DoD Aquisition via the Herding Cats blog.

This report is the result of this assessment, and is meant to debunk the prevalent myth that Agile and De-partment of Defense (DoD) practices are incompatible. Our focus is on the software development arena, basing our information on actual acquisition experience and a sampling of the relevant literature availa-ble. We will not discuss specific Agile methods beyond describing Agile and providing a list of the most common Agile methods. We do, however, provide some helpful hints on considerations that need to be addressed when deciding to use Agile in the DoD environment.

The report is a great read of how the DoD looked into Agile. As you can imagine this is a very pragmatic write up and refers to Agile as a 'Lead Bullet' rather than a 'Silver Bullet'. As with most things, processes included,  there is no one size fits all - the skill is working out what and when to use each approach.