Friday, June 12, 2009

Simply Amazing - if Apple did a medical kiosk...

It's not often that you see an application that simply blows you away. This video has been receiving well deserved praise in the yellow-verse during the last week. If you are not a member, of said yellow-verse, you might have missed it. Frankly, its well worth watching regardless of which is your preferred platform/language/religon/taste in beer yada, yada.

Nathan Freeman and Chris Blatnick have been presenting and actively evangalising 'impactful' interfaces. This new one, blows away what has been in their presentations thus far (which has been pretty good anyway). 'Bones' sets the bar well and truly high. The whole project, not just the UI, is pretty astounding. Peter Presnell has a good write up which is worth a read.

Nathan and the team at Lotus911 have worked out some of the trickier details in crafting the interface, kiosk mode and composite applications, but have been smart in choosing Lotus Notes & Domino for the ancillary parts of the project around security, encryption and network failure. They've also been smart in choosing the hardware specifically for the target environment.

Dare I say a smart choice for a smart planet.

The take-away for Lotus Notes developers, who don't develop kiosk applications all that often, is that with composite applications you can craft any user interface you or your users desire.

It may not be easy, but at least now we know it's possible.

Well done Lotus911, Nathan and the Team.