Wednesday, August 06, 2008

SnTT : The Dojo Example NSF - available now.

The NSF containing the recipe from my four Dojo posts, is available for download and reuse - plus there is an added bonus too! If you want to see the code for;

Dojo Dialogs for Validation and Help.
Dojo Stack Container for Wizards.
Dojo : Its not just Eye Candy.
Dojo without JavaScript Enabled.

The added bonus ?

I've included all of the image resources, example framesets, outlines, forms from the post
Lotus Notes and Web UI Examples. That's right, if you have a lotus notes application that is looking a little 'long in the tooth' then you can use the application resources to create a little more up-to-date look.

How to get started ?

1 - download the zipped nsf from here.
2 - sign the agent on you server.
3 - open the register form using http://[yourserver]/[file&directory]/register?open

A little more about the examples.

The NSF is to demonstrate the Dojo samples from the articles, I tried to keep the number of places where the code is located to a minimum. So you'll only need to look in the register form and the two agents. In practice you could take the JS Header contents and place them in a separate file.

The database is version ND8 (8.0.1), but should work the same for ND7 - I haven't tried that.
The dojo version is 1.0.2, which was the latest when I started using Dojo - again, should work with later versions but I haven't tried.

What if I need more help with the example ?

You have two options,

1) - Free. I'll do my best to answer - but that will be limited to my availability and workload.
2) - Hire me. If you need more involved assistance or have a deadline.

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