Thursday, February 28, 2008

SnTT : Dojo Stack Container for Wizards

Here is a simple tutorial of how you can use the Dojo stack container (dijit.layout.StackContainer) to make a multi-page (dijit.layout.ContentPane) wizard. The sort of thing where you can progressively lead users through completing a form or reading content. The tutorial also shows how you can integrate your own website styling rather than having to use the three shipped themes with Dojo. You can get all the dojo goodness such as ease of use and use your own styles at the same time.

The tutorial is in flash/camtasia format and is my second attempt at camtasia recording, which include my slow typing and excessive mouse movements - but you'll get the idea.

So enjoy the Dojo Stack Container tutorial.


  1. That was fantastic. Thanks.

    BTW, you edit like I do. That was nice to see, too.


    -- Grant

  2. Glad you liked it. I'm just pressed for time at the moment. I'm sure that I'll get better with each attempt.