Monday, July 05, 2010

Lotus knows how to respond better to the needs of students

Here is a recent IBM case study about a Lotus Notes and Domino solution that Cirrus Australia implemented for a client. It's not unusual or remarkable as Cirrus Australia are continually developing and implementing solutions in Lotus Notes and Domino.

It is just business as usual. Much the same way as many IBM business partners around the world continue to sell, build and implement solutions every day in Lotus Notes and Domino. It may not be as attention grabbing or as headline worthy as perhaps other types of projects, technology and solutions. Nevertheless, customers are continuing to choose Lotus Notes and Domino based solutions, ticking along, without the fuss and drama - much like a well maintained Domino server.

Edmund Rice Education Australia transforms student record management across a multi-site learning network

Moving to a Lotus Notes environment with integrated custom applications enabled easier and quicker access to the information. Lotus Notes provided us with immediate benefits of efficient information management and automatic alerts on important student information

The Flexible Learning Centre Network Lotus Notes project has been so successful that Edmund Rice Education Australia is now also considering rolling out a similar system to another education program.


  1. Great post Tony. Thanks for sharing yet another positive Lotus Notes story. I am convinced we are now starting to see enough great stories that these could so easily be amalgmated by somebody into a powerful and compelling story for the brand.

  2. Awesome Tony - we have posted 4 IdeaJam Case Studies at

    We have several more on the way. Life is good as a Lotus ISV.