Tuesday, April 06, 2010

iPad a game changer or eye candy ?

I was on the fence about the iPad. In fact I was leaning towards the opinion of  'it's a gadget for those with disposable income' then I saw this and changed my mind.

Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad

Watch both video's and see how the nature of publishing could change. The nature in which we consume information and be entertained is about to enter a new era. It could be as life changing as when the first television was introduced to the living room. Time will tell, for sure, but you can envisage the potential. Already my iPhone has changed my own browsing behavior around the home, and I can see that others are keen for the iPad to be the next step in the evolution.

The tactile nature of the interface is far more intuitive with your fingers, than a mouse and keyboard for consuming. Like eating pizza with a knife and fork, it's way more natural using your hands. That said, creating content and entertainment will be a tougher call.

There is already a lot of  hype and some will go to extraordinary lengths to be the first to have the first of a new wave of devices.

Of course not everyone will agree, some will use the iPad to entertain others in new and unique ways.

Personally, I'm not a bleeding edge person so I'll wait and watch the transformation and see what the next version will be like.

It sure is pretty though!


  1. I don't think Apple are too concerned about the iPad's shortcomings when it comes to creating content.

    Content distribution is king for Apple - that's how they make (and will continue to make their real money). Over 10 billion songs sold, the biggest music retailer in the US - they want to do exactly the same for HD movies (why do you think Macbooks don't have a Blue Ray Drive in them ?) and Books.

  2. Those who say the iPAD is just a big phone are missing the point; mind you those who think this version of the iPAD is the right device for a market yet to be defined are also wrong.

    The iPAD - to me at least - is a brave step by Apple who thinks there is a market between phone and laptop. They've outlined what they think that market could look like and designed a product to fit.

    It's exciting. I'll not be buying a version 1 as I think it'll take 2-3 generations for both device and market to be TRULY identified.